Trivia answers

Thank You to all who participated in the Trivia Contest. The answers are below. Soon we will be adding the cases of Binnewater to your deliveries.

Only 3 people got all the answers correct. The most common answer sheet sent in was 9 correct. Of those with 9 correct more than half got the Five Johns question wrong. That turned out to be the toughest question over-all. I think the wording of the question could have been better. For the skyscraper question the toughest one was the Tokyo skyscraper. Most people got the other three. Other than the five John's question the one most people got wrong was #10 which was "Crazy Hair Day". After that 1/3 of the submissions had the area of a Kennedy half dollar wrong. We must brush up on our math folks. And finally, the novel turned to TV series was the next hardest. Most of those who got this wrong had Killing Eve as the answer. You had to go one step past Killing Eve. The actress was the same but the role was different.