Our History

In 1910 Walter Crane and Edward Schultis established Binnewater Lake Ice Company. They began doing business using 4 ice wagons to deliver ice that was cut from the Binnewater Lakes.

In 1925 Binnewater Lake Ice Company purchased the 3rd and 5th Binnewater Lakes. In 1929 the Binnewater Lakes were sold to the Williams family but Binnewater Lake Ice Co. retained rights to cut ice off the lakes until 1999. As it turned out the ice was only cut from the lakes for 4 more years.

Binnewater Lake Ice Co. began to manufacture ice on South Pine St. in Kingston. The ice industry in the Hudson Valley was a cut throat business. Rival companies competed fiercely to establish their customer base. On August 23, 1938 the wooden framed Binnewater Lake Ice Company building was burned to the ground. Arson was suspected but never proven. The loss was estimated at $100,000. The company was rebuilt and continued doing business.

On August 1, 1939 2 bombs were found at the ice plant. One exploded doing minimal damage and the other one never detonated. The bombs were found by Robert Evory an employee of the company who eventually became the owner. In the 1950's and 1960's ice was used to cool produce (mostly corn) being exported from the Hudson Valley.

In the 1970's, Binnewater Lake Ice Company was acquired by the Davenport family. Gordon and Robert Davenport were corn farmers and customers of Binnewater Lake Ice Company. When Binnewater became available for sale the Davenports made the acquisition. This new asset enhanced their farm to market process. In addition to serving local farmers, Binnewater also supplied ice to local stores and retail outlets. Large blocks of ice that the farmers used were also cut down into ice cubes. The cubes were bagged and delivered.

At one point in the late 1970's Binnewater was approached by A. T. Reynolds & Sons. A.T. Reynolds & Sons was an ice company in Kiamesha Lake, NY that had been manufacturing bagged ice in a more modern fashion. This "modern" process significantly reduced the cost of manufacturing a bag of ice. Binnewater eventually stopped bagging their own ice and began buying bagged ice from A.T. Reynolds & Sons. This was the beginning of a long relationship with A. T. Reynolds & Sons.

In the early 1980's A. T. Reynolds & Sons presented a new product to Binnewater: bottled water. A. T. Reynolds & Sons developed a brand name, "Leisure Time Spring Water", and began bottling spring water. Binnewater decided to give Leisure Time a try. Starting with a small flatbed truck and a phone number in the yellow pages, Binnewater began delivering bottled water. Through the years Binnewater's bottled water business has grown from the flatbed truck and one part time driver to full size beverage body trucks and several drivers.

In 2004 A. T. Reynolds & Sons sold their ice business to Arctic Glacier, a large Canadian ice company. Arctic Glacier built a brand new ice manufacturing facility in Newburgh, New York and Binnewater began purchasing our ice from Arctic. In 2008 A. T. Reynolds & Sons was bought out by Boreal Water Collection, another Canadian company, this one in the bottled water industry. At this time Binnewater decided to start developing our own brand.

Binnewater was first introduced in early 2009. Binnewater Ice Company delivered spring water branded "Leisure Time Spring Water" and "Binnewater" as we made the transition to solely "Binnewater" brand. As of June 2012 we deliver only "Binnewater". Binnewater comes from a protected source Spring Source in Edmeston NY. Three on site natural springs provide crisp, clean spring water. The spring water is disinfected with ozone. Unlike chlorine, ozone does not leave any taste or odor behind. The bottling process also includes daily testing to insure a quality finished product.

We look forward to serving the Hudson Valley far into the future.
Depend On Us For Pure Refreshment