I would like to take this time to thank everyone who participated in our trivia contest. Remember you don't have to get all the answers correct to receive the 2 free cases of Binnewater. We will start delivering cases to all those who submitted answers. They will come with your regular deliveries.
The answers are now available. Click on the "Answers" icon and you will be directed to the answers/explanations. As usual I found that in some cases more than one answer can be correct. You will see those indicated with the answers.
It turns out that the most difficult question was #4 about the mathematical symbols (52% correct) closely followed by #8 the fictitious character (57% correct). The easiest questions were #'s 6, 7 and 10. Everyone got those correct. Numbers 1 and 9 were the next easiest. 91% of the respondents got 1 and 9 correct. Number 3 was answered correctly by 87%. Number 5 was mastered by 83% while number 2 was only answered correctly by 65%.
Only one answer sheet was 100% with 10 correct answers. I also had a few with 9.5 correct (they only had ½ of the fictious characters parents). The most common answer sheet was 8.5 correct.
I hope you all enjoyed this year's trivia. I'm looking forward to next year's version already.