It looks like I'm getting soft. There were too many questions that everyone got correct. I will have to make the appropriate adjustment next year . Questions 2, 5, 9 & 10 were answered correctly by everyone who submitted answers. The toughest question was the image of the ancient building (#3). Most people assumed that this was the Roman coliseum. If you look again, it's very different from the Roman coliseum. This is actually in Pula, Croatia where Marshall and Courtney went on vacation this past fall. If you spoke with Courtney in November or December you may have heard about their wonderful trip to Croatia. Only 20% got this one right. The next hardest question was the Inky, Binky and Sue question. Most people answered Pac-Man but Sue is not in the Pac-Man game. I gave ½ credit for Pac-Man and full credit for Ms. Pac-Man. Only 41% got it right. Next most difficult was the Harriet Tubman question. A lot of people mistook her for Sojourner Truth. Questions 7 & 8 were answered correctly by approximately 80% of the respondents. The Sonoran Desert question (#7) made for some interesting reading.

Only one answer sheet was 100% with 10 correct answers. I also had three with 9.5 correct. The 9.5's all had Pac-Man to lose ½ a point. Most people got 7.5 or 8.5 correct.

I hope you all enjoyed this year's trivia.