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Mountain Valley GraphicWe carry Mountain Valley in a number of different sizes. Most common is the 5gallon bottle used with a bottled water dispenser. We also have a 2.5 gallon bottle, also used with a bottled water dispenser, but in a lighter bottle for easier handling. In addition to sizes designed for water dispensers we also carry Mountins Valley in cases. Our cases come in two sizes: one liter and half-liter. Both sizes come in either sparkling water or flat water. The sparkling water is slightly carbonated. On the next page you will be able to choose a dispenser if you need one and the bottle size you desire.


Large bottle sizes

5 gallon bottle $26.25

5 gallon bottle deposit $16.00

2.5 gallon bottle $19.00

2.5 gallon bottle deposit $16.00




Dispensers to use with 5gal and 2.5gal bottles


Hot and Cold DispenserRoom Temp and Cold DispenserCeramic Crock Room Temp DispenserCrock and Tall Stand

Hot and Cold dispenser is $7.00 per month after 1st month promotional period. The hot spigot dispenses 185 degree water. Hot enough for instant coffee, tea and hot chocolate.

Room Temp and Cold dispenser is $5.00 per month after 1st month promotional period. The white spigot provides room temperature water and the blue spigot dispenses ice cold water.

The Ceramic Crock is a purchase item and costs $35.00. Designed for use on a countertop, this stylish dispenser provides room temperature water.

The Ceramic Crock with a Stand is also a purchase item and costs $71.00. The wooden stand allows you to free up counter space and still use the stylish crock.

Mountain Valley Cases

Mountain Valley Case1 liter bottle 12/case flat or sparkling $29.25

1 liter bottle deposit per case $0.60

.5 liter bottle 24/case flat or sparkling $29.25

11.3oz 24/case sparkling Lime or Blackberry Pomegranate $29.25

.5 liter and 11.3oz bottle deposit per case $1.20


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