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De-Icing Products

De-Icing Products are sold Retail and Wholesale

They can be delivered or picked up at our warehouse on South Pine St. in Kingston.




American Rock Salt LogoRock Salt Halite has superior melting power. Rock salt begins melting quickly and keeps melting for an extended period of time. This is due to multiple size crystals. The smaller crystals dissolve first while the larger crystals last longer, reducing the amount of salt needed.

Rock Salt Halite comes in 25# and 50# bags.




Ice Beeter LogoIce Beeter is effective to very low temperatures. It activates the deicing process immediatley. Fewer applications are required to acheive superior performance. Color coated with purple tint for visual coverage. Ice Beeter is triple screened for consistent granulation.

Ice Beeter comes in 50# bags and must be ordered by the pallet. There are 49 bags per pallet.



Miracle Melt LogoMiracle Melt is a calcium chloride and magnesium chloride blend. Miracle Melt can melt snow and ice down to -15 degrees.

Miracle Melt is one of our top sellers. It comes in 50# bags and is always available.




Blue Heat LogoBlue Heat is considered to be one of the highest grade snow and ice melters. It has enough calcium chloride pellets to melt snow and ice downm to -25 degrees. In addition, it has a slight blue tint. The blue tint lets customers know where the product has been applied thereby avoiding over application. Blue Heat does not attack concrete.

Blue Heat comes in 50# bags and must be ordered by the pallet. There are 56 bags per pallet.





Winter Heat LogoWinter Heat is one of the best calciums in the business. Unlike imported calciums these pellets are 90-97% calcium chloride. Winter Heat melts to a clear solution leaving no white powdery residue.

Winter Heat comes in 50# bags and is always available.



5Gallon Bucket with Lid and Scoop


Bucket of Ice MelterWe offer 5gallon buckets to put on your front porch. Each comes with a resealable lid and a large scoop to help with the application. The buckets come filled with either Rock Salt Halite or Miracle Melt. Both products are described above.